Food Review #6

Hey guys I’m back again with yet another food review!!!!! ((Guess who’s gonna gain like 65489803 kg by the end of this year?? :’) )) Anyways~ Let me get right into yet another saga of horribly taken pictures along with poorly written captions to go with it! *optimist overload* Green Dot (Westgate Mall) This is […]

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Food Review #5

64 days left to A levels. And here I am blogging my life away, wasting my goddamn time with everything else but studying. To be honest I don’t even know how I am going to even survive my goddamn life now it’s super tiring and difficult. But anyways, here is another food review by the […]

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Food Review #2 :)

Hey guys 🙂 So it’s already mid-march and my common tests starts tomorrow, but I’m sick of studying, hence the blog post. I have the feels to do a food review y’all, so I shall do so yeah. Ok I understand that many food reviews are usually for high-end restaurants or hipster cafés, very rarely do you […]

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