Food Review #13: Kowloon Express Heyheyhey it has been a while since my food reviews and I have FINALLY decided to use the name of the restaurant as the title for the post! Yeah, it is not particularly exciting news, but I’m just celebrating a change. So last Saturday (yes this is a delayed post […]


Food Review #6

Hey guys I’m back again with yet another food review!!!!! ((Guess who’s gonna gain like 65489803 kg by the end of this year?? :’) )) Anyways~ Let me get right into yet another saga of horribly taken pictures along with poorly written captions to go with it! *optimist overload* Green Dot (Westgate Mall) This is […]

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Food Review #3

Hey guys! I haven’t done a food review in a while so I’m going to do one for this post since I’ve had the chance to try some really good stuff during the holidays. So let’s just get right into it. 1. Miharu Sapporo Ramen Ok guys, this ramen place is a hidden gem and […]

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