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It’s a mess

My life, It’s a mess. It’s one of those times, I’m wearing a worn out dress. I’ve screwed up things. I’ve broken the strings. Haunted by the past, Yet moving very fast. I can’t keep up, Barely surviving, Drowning into, The depths of gloom. I don’t even know, Where to begin, To salvage this sorrow, […]

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Tori Kelly speaks to me.

There are some really great singers out there and Tori Kelly happens to be one of them. It is really amazing to be able to listen to her work because not only is her voice amazing, the lyrics of the song just really gets to me y’know, I can really feel it. There is one […]

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Let’s Talk.

Hey readers, I honestly don’t think people would really be reading this but if you happen to, then hello~! These days I just feel like putting aside everything and just reflect about life. I just want to put everybody aside, put my phone away, push people away and put away all the distractions and just […]

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3rd Week into January

First of all, I cannot believe that it is already freaking 3rd week of January. The whole month so far literally went in a blur, I can’t even comprehend how time can pass by so damn fast. Anyways, I just wanted to share my thoughts about life right now. If I were to describe it […]

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A rocky road

Sup people. 2016 has just begin and it is already a rough start, with so many events along the way. There is orientation, open house, start of college, and moving to another house. Honestly, I can’t handle that many things. I mean yeah okay, there are people who have struggled through times tougher than mine, […]

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