Why I Like Korean Dramas.

If you asked me 2 years ago whether I watched Korean dramas, my response would have like been something along the lines of “Bro are you okay what the hell are you asking me do I LOOK LIKE SOMEONE WHO’D ENJOY THEM??????!!?!?!!?” Exaggerated, I know. But that was really how I felt two years ago! […]

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It’s March! and other shits.

Holy shit time actually flies it’s not even funny. It is already the second week of march and my productivity level is still at its minimum–this is bad, I am in dire need of help. (I foresee this post turning into a rant-session.) So basically, it is already march which means one month closer to […]

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February and stuff

It’s valentine’s day today but I am a single lady so I do not give a damn. Now that we have cleared that out of the way, time to move on. I realise that I keep updating this blog like so so frequently, it might as well be my twitter with more word limit or […]

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Happy Feb + Orientation Experience

Hey people out there! 🙂 Recently, I had quite an experience organising orientation for my juniors in my college. I was one of the family heads (Kiritsu) for orientation 2016 as well as the overall songs IC. (I also never had an official leadership position before this.) Honestly, even though I used to say that […]

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