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Food Review #13: Kowloon Express Heyheyhey it has been a while since my food reviews and I have FINALLY decided to use the name of the restaurant as the title for the post! Yeah, it is not particularly exciting news, but I’m just celebrating a change. So last Saturday (yes this is a delayed post […]


Food Review #12

That’s right. Another one. There’s just so much food here, you know? I have officially given up my way to achieving a saree body. I just can’t. Good food is just too precious to sacrifice. #noregrets So anyways, the cafes/eateries I am going to review for this post is located along the Upper Thomson road, […]

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Food Review #11

Hey y’all! This is going to be a special and a super exciting post because this time I’m reviewing not one, not two, but THREE different caf├ęs/restaurants!! WOOHOO stay tuned for loads of foodporn and some seriously good places to indulge (your money) in! 1. Piedra Negra Okay so this is a restaurant that serves […]

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Food Review #10

Hey guys! I’m back with another food review ~ This time it is a little restaurant located in IMM Jurong. In fact, it is actually quite low-key but not really because we took quite a while to find the place but it was actually located at the centre of the mall. This place is called […]

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Why I Like Korean Dramas.

If you asked me 2 years ago whether I watched Korean dramas, my response would have like been something along the lines of “Bro are you okay what the hell are you asking me do I LOOK LIKE SOMEONE WHO’D ENJOY THEM??????!!?!?!!?” Exaggerated, I know. But that was really how I felt two years ago! […]

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