Hey guys, I’m Tanusha and this is my blog!

I don’t plan to have a blog with a specific theme, it’s like a place where I can share my thoughts with the world. Like a journal, but public.IMG_9894Anyways, here’s a picture of me playing the guitar that I forced my friend to take because I’m vain af. Also I just want to point out that I actually can (sort of) play guitar and I’m not just posing – I keep it real okay. Also, isn’t the filter dope? I’ll be nice and let you know that I used the Snow app for this picture (pls sponsor me thx)

Writing is my solace from my otherwise very ‘meh’ life. Food and music are very important in my life.

I think that’s all about me I guess?

Oh, and I sing sometimes – http://www.soundcloud.com/tanushamusha / ig: autotunaa




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