chapter 1

There I am in front of a screen,

Fantasising what my life could never be.

Characters who make up the perfect story,

A world with happy endings.

Why is it that the reality,

Is a journey so irksome,

Makes me despise living,

Though it’s not all that deplorable.

But perfection is just an illusion,

I can only live them through my dreams,

Where the deepest of my desires,

Roam free, unleashed.

chapter 2

Everyday is a battle,

But it is an internal conflict.

Waking up is such a struggle,

Telling myself  “it’s okay” is another.

It’s another minute, another hour, another day.

Time’s flying, it doesn’t wait.

Yet it feels as though it froze,

I’m stuck; I can’t move on,

But I so badly want to.

It’s unfortunate how,

This too shall remain,

As a desire, yet a bane.




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