Food Review #12

That’s right. Another one. There’s just so much food here, you know? I have officially given up my way to achieving a saree body. I just can’t. Good food is just too precious to sacrifice. #noregrets

So anyways, the cafes/eateries I am going to review for this post is located along the Upper Thomson road, where a lot more cafes are located. The place gives off low-key Holland Village vibes but (I think) it is less expensive.

Okay so let’s begin!

1. Thai in Town

This place is actually not bad, and value for money. It is semi air-conditioned, because it is kind of open but there is still central air-conditioning (I’m not sure why) and really gives me hawker centre vibes but at the same time quite a hipster interior. Best of both worlds I guess?

Anyways, my friend and I basically came here because we just finished volunteering and were S-T-A-R-V-I-N-G by the time we finished. We were so desperate for food and basically ended up here.

Since we were quite broke that day, we opted for a student meal (cheapskates, I know :’) ) so I’m just going to review them.


This is the Thai iced milk tea.


This is the Basil Chicken set lunch with the Thai iced milk tea ($7.90 in total). First of all, I totally hate beans (like hardCORE) but because of the sauce, it was pretty bearable. Like that;s how good the basil chicken sauce was, not too salty, not too sweet. But it was pretty spicy though, so a little disclaimer there. But I really think that it was worth the price, pretty filling for our hungry souls.


This is the Tom Yum Noodles. I’d say it was a tad bit too spicy for my liking, but my friend wolfed down the entire thing without having a sip of the drink, so I guess it was not too spicy for her. The noodles used were maggi mee, which is not usually the kind of noodles you;d expect in the Tom Yum noodles, but I guess this is one of the specialities of this restaurant. It is pretty flavourful, that is for sure. Definitely worth trying.


IMG_2825This, if I remember correctly is the Spring Rolls (about $4.90 for 6 pieces) . There is actually nothing special about this dish, because I feel like it is something very similar to popiah. But I like how the photo turned out, so it had to be included.

That’s all for Thai in Town!

Address: 244 Upper Thomson Rd, 574369

UPDATE!! (11/7/17): This is a late update, but this place has been renamed to TOMYUM MAMA and the link to the newly updated FB page is below!


2. Salted Caramel


(Or if you just want to treat yourself with dessert!)

I’m going to let you guys appreciate this ice-cream waffle before I say anything.

IMG_2846In case you are wondering, yes, it does taste as good, if not, better than it looks. Salted Caramel is a cafe whose speciality is, you guessed it, ice-cream!

We tried the flavours Speculoos and (of course) the Salted Caramel ice-cream on top of a plain waffle. Speculoos is basically something similar to gingerbread – cinnamon-y and sugary and it went really well with the waffle in my opinion. For someone who can’t handle super-sweet dishes, I really liked this combination because of the strong flavour Speculoos has which is only mildly sweet, and the waffle that helped to tone down the flavour. Salted Caramel – I mean to begin with I was never really a big fan of that whole craze, but I think the flavour really complemented with the waffle.

(Or maybe it’s because we were just very hungry souls on that day.)

Anyways, do visit them for their variety of ice-cream flavour which you can eat with a waffle like we did, or on it’s own! They sell other desserts besides ice-cream and waffle so if you do plan to visit this cafe, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Address: 246F Upper Thomson Rd, 574370


That’s all for this post!

Until next time,


Peace and Love,



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