Food Review #11

Hey y’all!

This is going to be a special and a super exciting post because this time I’m reviewing not one, not two, but THREE different cafés/restaurants!! WOOHOO stay tuned for loads of foodporn and some seriously good places to indulge (your money) in!

1. Piedra Negra

Okay so this is a restaurant that serves Mexican cuisine and I think I’m in love with this place. It is not too expensive, but it is not that cheap either (like it is not a budget meal but it is value for money though.) Although the portions might be too small for some, for me it was alright. The taste is what mattered to me most and I think the dishes we tried excelled in that area.



This is the Chicken Quesadilla ($11.90++) which honestly was really nice, except that I had to add the chilli-ish sauce that was given just to give it some kick. But it was still really good though, like I really wanted to order another one but financial constraints stopped me from doing so. Fellow broke people, can y’all relate?



Okay guys, by the way if you are judging the poor quality of the photos taken, I just want to let y’all know that this time my photo-taking skills are not the problem, but the lighting at this place really sucks. Not really a good place to take photos but then again, food is after all meant to go in our bellies, right? The dish above is called Alambre ($15.90++) and we ordered it with the chorizo meat (apparently it is some sort of pork sausage). The Alambre came with chorizo meat, bell peppers, onions and cheese, all sizzling in some sort of oil/butter (?); whatever it was, it was super good. The meat kind of melts in your mouth and the melted cheese just made it much better than it already was. Definitely recommend this to people who come here. Legit.


My friend ordered this Apple Juice ($4++) and I  only included this photo because I thought the presentation of the drink looked quite cool.

My other friend and I ordered the Pina Colada ($16++; YES I KNOW – freaking HEART PAIN WHEN I SAW THE PRICE) which is a classic drink. For those of you who haven’t tried it before, it tastes pine-apply and coconut milky with an alcoholic undertone. I didn’t manage to take a proper picture of it because the lighting was quite shitty but I guess the description will do for now. Personally the bitterness of the alcohol came on too strong on me so I didn’t like it very much, but my friend felt that it was very sweet. I guess it depends on the person who drinks it. But it wasn’t that bad.

Overall, I really recommend this place as not only the food is super delicious, but the place has a very chill vibe and cool aesthetics. If you happen to be walking along Arab street and looking for a place to eat, this is where you should go!

Address: 241 Beach Road, Singapore 189753.

2. Meat ‘n’ Chill

This place is super cool however we didn’t really try out their main course items because we were actually quite broke. Luckily, they had Pasta that they only serve during lunch time, on weekdays from 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM and it is pretty affordable in my opinion.

So my meal came with ice lemon tea and some sort of onion soup.


I had Truffle Mushroom Pasta and added bacon and poached egg to it. SUPER DELISH y’all I’m not even kidding.


JUST LOOK AT THE BEAUTY OF IT. I absolutely LOVED it. The truffle flavour was amazing and the bacon complemented it really well. Definitely planning to visit the place again and try more of their items.


Just one more picture because it is so drool-worthy. By the way this was taken for snapchat, hence the addition of a filter.

This café has a cozy yet lively ambience and also has cool instagram-worthy aesthetics (that I didn’t manage to capture) so do go check it out!

The café is a short walk away from Sixth Avenue Centre MRT (DT7) and relatively easy to find!

Address:  805 Bukit Timah Road
6th Avenue Centre #01-04
Singapore 279883


3. Island Creamery

A short walk away from Botanic Gardens MRT (CC19/DT9), this is a desserts café that’s famous for their ice-creams and ice-cream cakes!

With their walls filled with pictures of happy customers, it is a bright place with lively vibes.


So we tried out Baked Alaska (ice-cream cake) and Dark Chocolate Lava cake with Cookies and Cream ice-cream on top.


Baked Alaska had a strong berry flavour so those who like that may enjoy this dish.


The one at the front is the Dark Lava Cake with Cookies and cream ice-cream on top. Personally, I loved the lava cake but I found the ice-cream to be a bit too milky for my liking. Perhaps next time I would pair the dessert with a different ice-cream.


Another picture of the desserts because #foodporn.

But overall, it is worth trying out and I recommend you to go to this place if you are in the mood to eat something cold after taking a stroll in Botanic Gardens!

Address: 10 Jalan Serene #01-03 Serene Centre, S(258748)


Okay y’all that’s it for this review! Hope you guys liked the pics! Do let me know if you visit these places and tried out things other than what I’ve tried; I’d love to hear reviews from you guys as well.

Until next time,

Peace and love 🙂



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