Food Review #10

Hey guys! I’m back with another food review ~

This time it is a little restaurant located in IMM Jurong. In fact, it is actually quite low-key but not really because we took quite a while to find the place but it was actually located at the centre of the mall.

This place is called “FLO – Food Lovers Only” and actually found out about this place from so shoutout to them woohoo! (Actually why the hell am I giving a shoutout to a popular website when my website has barely 3 people even coming across it?)

So the best part about this restaurant is that it is halal-certified so anyone can eat it weww!

Anyways this place serves a fusion of food, there is pasta, sandwiches, breakfast platters and some Korean-inspired dishes as well.

We decided to try out the Korean-inspired dishes and I decided that I’ll review them here! 🙂

I obviously did take a picture of the food we ate so please appreciate thanks lol.


The dish on top is the Korean Pizza Croissant ($16) which I think is such a creative and an innovative twist to a regular croissant; I’m so into fusion foods now, like give me more! So this croissant is topped with cheese, ham, corn and kimchi –> who knew that kimchi actually goes so well with cheese? And it comes with a mini salad with kale (I think) and cherry tomatoes and potato salad.

The dish at the bottom is Korean inspired chicken with rice ($16), which my friend ordered. I felt that the chicken was nicely cooked but it was a bit bland for me (maybe it’s because I love spicy and strong flavours) but my friend liked it. It is worth giving it a shot!

So the place itself is quite small, I’m guessing that it might be crowded during lunch time and dinner time, but then again it is quite low-key so you can still try your luck!

Okay, that’s it for this review!

Until next time,

Peace and love 🙂










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