Why I Like Korean Dramas.

If you asked me 2 years ago whether I watched Korean dramas, my response would have like been something along the lines of “Bro are you okay what the hell are you asking me do I LOOK LIKE SOMEONE WHO’D ENJOY THEM??????!!?!?!!?” Exaggerated, I know. But that was really how I felt two years ago!

But that was simply because I never actually watched them before! And now, I have officially become a convert. KDRAMAS FTW!!!!


I mean for real though. Korean dramas honestly have this capability of attracting viewers because of some of their features, reasons why I am so in LOVE with them. And it is not just because the actors are super good-looking (even though that will be one of the reasons 😉) but there are actual valid reasons that I shall list below.

#1: Their storyline.

There are so many kind of korean dramas but among them my favourite genre is rom-com. Maybe it is because I am a hopeless romantic at heart, but it is the plot that really gets me to watch them. Some of the dramas have a really unique and interesting plot, for example Descendants of the Sun, which is a love story between a soldier and a doctor and most of the story line happens in a medical camp set up by the doctor in a third world country called Urk. See? Have you seen any other drama with such a storyline?


I definitely haven’t. Another drama that I was obsessed with (which sadly has already ended) called Goblin: The Great and Lonely God, is also very interesting; it has a dark theme revolving around Death but the way it is projected does not make it seem as dark, rather it is handled in a delicate manner and the drama itself strikes a perfect balance between light-hearted romance (and bromance, if you know what I mean) and handling of heavier emotional side of heartbreak and death.


I think that with more unique plots and storylines like these, korean dramas will still continue to be a successful industry both domestically and internationally, and will still win my heart every time I watch it!

#2: Talent for Acting.

I am not saying that other dramas do not have talented actors/actresses, like I am sure that there are so many actors and actresses who are talented outside of korean dramas.

It is just that compared to other regional dramas I have seen, I have felt as connected to them compared to what I felt watching korean dramas.

giphy (1)

The actors in the dramas that I have seen so far have incredibly good acting skills, you almost forget that they are real human beings who have a life outside this drama. You honestly get so wrapped up every episode and get lost in the beauty of their expression. Maybe you think that this is a bit of exaggeration but it is, after all, my personal opinion. Their acting is honestly so underrated and I really think that it needs to be given more credit!

#3: Their Soundtrack.

Anyone who knows me would know that I absolutely LOVE music. Like more than a lot of other people.

And something in particular I notice when I watch TV shows or when I watch movies is the soundtrack. (I mean, being an Indian, it is something that we see very commonly in Bollywood movies, so that is kind of embedded in me.)

The soundtracks to the dramas I have watched so far are honestly well-composed and what really impresses me is the fact that they match the theme of the drama. And eventually I become obsessed with the songs that take up a lot of space on my phone.

The point is, the songs are so so so good and is just another reason that makes me fall in love with the storyline, characters and emotions in the drama.

At the moment, I am obsessed with Goblin’s OST. The songs are honestly so good and so beautiful, perfectly encapsulating the very theme of the drama itself.

#4: A Way to Learn the Korean Culture.

I mean this is something that applies to many other regional dramas BUT while we are at it, I’ll just add this point as another reason why I like K-drama.

It is like a really easy way to understand the korean culture and learn a little bit of their language so it sort of exposes you to new things and that is a reason why I tend to prefer Korean drama over its English counterparts.

Now I really feel like visiting Korea one day. Legit. Hopefully, I will be able to do so one day!

#5 Special Episodes

I don’t know whether this only applies to the more popular dramas, but I have only seen this concept applied to korean dramas so I’m just going to talk about that.

Now after a whole series of a particular drama ends, there will be bonus episodes that would be aired especially for the fans, that would show a compilation of the best scenes from the drama, behind-the-scenes footage and interviews from the cast and sometimes even read fanmail. I think that this is so cool because it really reaches out to the fanbase which helps them sort of reminisce the drama they love so much, especially for people facing “withdrawal” symptoms. I think the effort put in to compile all of this just for the fans is also something that really draws me to this whole world of k-drama.

giphy (2)

SO I think that’s all for this post!!



x tanushaaaaaa x



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