Yet Another Reason for the Existence of Feminism

Hey guys!

If you are someone who is close to me then you’d definitely know that I am a proud feminist and an advocate of women’s rights. This is because I believe that in today’s world, progress is important and one of the steps that must be taken towards improving ourselves is to set a firm ground on gender equality, which unfortunately still seems to be a pressing issue even in 2017.

The reason why I am talking about this in my post is because of something I came across on twitter today.

In fact I literally stopped the Korean drama I was watching because I couldn’t stop thinking about how people can actually say such things and let it actually published in a newspaper.

So basically this is a letter from a (male) teacher I suppose giving his opinion about a campaign in South Africa called “Project Dignity” where whereby girls studying in grade 4 to grade 12  in 2,992 schools throughout the province situated in impoverished areas, will receive a new pack of sanitary pads every month. I think it is a great initiative by the education department because to be very honest, feminine products like this can be quite expensive and hard to find in those areas and hence through this project, girls would be able to be more hygienic and safe. Unhygienic methods of handling menstruation can cause so many diseases which can be hazardous, especially to young girls, so it is fortunate that they have a campaign which aims to reduce these risks and help them live a better life. You can read the actual article about the project which was posted on a South African daily called “The Rising Sun” here.

I believe like most newspapers do, there is a forum where readers can send in their thoughts and opinions on articles like that and I was appalled by one of the letters. Before I express my opinion, you can take a look at it yourself first.


I would also recommend you to read up this thread  on Twitter from where I got this picture from, because I just feel that the user who made the thread made some really valid points which I can totally agree with and relate to. Like, she just took the words right out of my heart.

So apparently this guy is Indian which irks me even more because this is so typical of Indian uncles, “moral-policing” young women about things they know nothing about. It is ridiculous, and honestly what right do they have to tell US women how to handle OUR problems when they have NEVER experienced it before?

I am not here to whine about the shit we deal with every month because that is another story, and not the actual problem here. The problem here, is that we have people like him who thinks that this is not an important issue because “can’t they just do what their mothers did?” Well, Mr. T, they surely can but would you rather put those girls at a risk of dying because of your insensitivity or do something about it so that they can live a better and healthier life? Do you have any idea how many girls die because the lack of feminine hygiene products every year?

The best part is, it actually seemed like he was supporting the cause at first, saying things like it was a “good humanitarian gesture” and a “good initiative” only to make satirical statements in the end: “Will the department deliver babies next?” I mean, not only is it super rude to every female out there, including his female family members, but it also simply shows his lack of understanding about things like this despite being a well educated man. For the record, if need be, the department will deliver the babies, because they are not as insensitive as Mr.T. What I don’t get about this is that, there wasn’t a huge fuss made about handing out free condoms when sex is something that can be controlled (as in, it does not happen every month for 7 days without fail, with side effects) but periods are something in-built in females and it is not even something that we asked for. It is how we biologically are. I may be a bit biased in saying this, but it would make sense to hand out free sanitary pads to girls because it is beyond our control and obtaining them otherwise would be expensive and difficult, isn’t it?

The sad part about this whole problem is that our dear friend Mr. T is not the only man who has made such insensitive remarks about a woman’s issue, there are so many more others including other women (as ridiculous as this is, it’s definitely true.)

To all the people who do not understand why feminism exists and why are feminists crazy and angry, this is simply one example of the backward mindset that still exists in the world today.

WHEW this was an intense post, but I really needed to vent and get my point across.

Anyways until next time!



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