We share the places we go to with so many people. Some of them may be friends who we talk to regularly, or acquaintances we know. Others may be just familiar faces or complete strangers. Yet each of us are unique in the sense that we have our own stories, experiences only we have been through. Those familiar faces have a story of their own, which can be unexpected to say the least.

But we are so quick to judge people, based on the few seconds of briefly glancing at each other, don’t we? It is natural to do so, but I find it fascinating. How is it that we judge people like that, so easily, when we know for ourselves that whatever hardships we have been through is not written on our faces? We have heard the familiar saying that we know all too well,”Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” yet even in 2017 we may still feel sceptical about some people because of the way they look.

It is not exactly a bad thing though, after all our opinions are formed based on things we experience. However, the universal rule is, first impressions are always wrong. No matter how much of a psychic you are, there’s no denying that judgement passed within a few seconds of observation can be quite inaccurate. Following stereotypes and not willing to make your own judgement does not enable you to understand one’s personality and ability.

But I don’t get how some people can choose ego over acceptance. What is so bad about accepting people’s flaws? What is so bad about accepting that you had a wrong impression of someone? Maybe I am too young, to naive to understand how this world works. But I really cannot comprehend the reason why some people choose to spread animosity and distrust instead of just living peacefully by learning to deal with the problem.

I just really hate the amount of divide there is in our world right now and feel helpless because I can’t do much about it except expressing my feelings out here in my blog. Especially in a time where we are supposed to unite. When people were somehow slowly connecting with each other on another level.

It’s like, 2016 was a year of showing us the answer to the age-old “What could go wrong?” question. I guess this year might be more of “What can possibly go wrong?” kind of vibe.

What can possibly go wrong?



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