Tips to stay alive during an Indian Wedding

So last month I had attended my cousin’s wedding and believe me when I say that it was hella exhausting. But the whole ceremony was so beautiful, and I guess it was worth all the effort. I mean, I didn’t actually do much except for just being present but when the wedding time is set to be at 3:30 AM, you are bound to be exhausted because usually the event commences at around 8:00 PM the night before.

The point is, you need to stay awake!!!! If not, why did you even come to the wedding?

So here are some of my tips for you to stay awake and handle your shit during the wedding. Hope you guys find it useful!!

1. Do your best to get enough sleep.

Yes, I know that Indian weddings have a lot of preparations which take up a lot of time, and you may have prior commitments or something but just try to get as much sleep as possible the day before the wedding. Also if the auspicious time is set at an un-humanly hour (I am aware that such a word may not exist), do your best to take a nap between the day (just try!!) to conserve some energy. If not you may end up like this:


BTW I was really sleeping at this point; with a damn shawl wrapped around me. I swear I looked like some old woman who got lost trying to escape a mental asylum.

Point is, don’t be stubborn and go to sleep. #noRAGRETS.

2. Don’t wear heels if you can’t handle them.

Some of my friends walk like a model in heels and can literally do anything whilst wearing them. Which is kind of awesome and badass, but not all of us can be like them (myself included.)

For the wedding I bought some wedges, the heels were not actually that big so when I tried them out in the store it was fine.

But after I started walking around and running around to do some errands during the wedding, it started to hurt LIKE A BITCH. God bless my feet, I’m thankful that they still work after putting them through that torture.

I thought I was stronger than this, but it looks like I need some more practice.

So friends, even though pain is beauty, this can be sacrificed if you want to keep your feet intact and still be able to help with the preparations at ungodly hours.

3. Drink coffee if it is available.

Now that I think about it, I regret not drinking that much-needed caffeine that the waiters were serving us. Like it is so stupid of me to not drink it. That would have been so much help and kept me awake and energised enough and I wouldn’t end up looking like shit in the photos that the wedding photographers took. Also, at that point of time, I wasn’t even in most of the photos because I was busy snoozing at the back of the wedding hall away from were the ceremony was actually taking place.

Don’t learn from me guys. Be smart and drink that coffee. It helps.

4. Move your lazy ass and go for a walk.

I think one thing that could have helped me was to keep moving to prevent me from falling asleep. This is because the time I actually did get up are the times when I felt much better and tad bit more awake.

It has actually been proven scientifically that doing a bit of exercise when you are tired actually makes you feel more refreshed. Even though it sounds totally contradictory. You may refer to the article here.

If the venue of the wedding is big, take this opportunity to explore the place. Maybe you may find a nice spot to take photos, or a hidden gem. If the venue itself is not big enough to explore, explore the areas nearby. You might land in a coffeeshop tucked away in a quiet spot to grab a cuppa before the actual ceremony starts.


OKAY GUYS THAT’S IT for the tips, hope y’all find it useful ~ I have another wedding next month so fingers crossed; hope I stay more awake this time!


Peace and Love,

x Tanushaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa x


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