Food Review #7

Okay guys 21 days left to A’s and you’d think by this point I’d have already drowned in textbooks buT NO Y’ALL my hungry self will never compromise for good food. So here is yet another food review because let’s be honest, there is never such thing as “Too much food”, right?

~The Signature Patisserie~

So this café is honestly somewhat a hidden gem because it is tucked away in some ulu corner in Beautyworld, although it is a short walk from the Beautyworld MRT.

Btw this place is a great place to study, as not many people come here and the café was relatively empty even on a Sunday so, not a bad option, especially when seats in the libraries are usually all taken up on Sundays.

So let’s get on with the food y’all~


So we had Honey Lemon drink with 50% sugar level ($5.50). Yeah I know it is pretty basic to have that but like it was a very hot day and this was very refreshing and satisfying. I loved it, my friend loved it, y’all should definitely give it a shot!


Another view of the drink because #foodporn.


Okay ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you, the Kimchi Pasta! Okay y’all, I have never in my life ate kimchi in a pasta form (kimchi noodles are entirely different thing) it’s like a fusion food, where east meets west. I think this combination is actually not bad, although the kimchi flavour could be quite overwhelming, it is worth trying this dish. ($13)


Okay so this is what the café specialises in, muffins! (And the mocha behind, but that’s besides the point) MUFFINS!!!!!

Guys please do yourselves a favour and do try out the muffins they sell here, it is absolutely to die for! I tried the oreo and nutella muffin (bottom left) and my friend tried the banana muffin with banana filling (bottom right) and they tasted amazing. Muffins are homemade here and they are affordable, $2.50 each, and it is value for money because the muffins are quite large, compared to the conventional ones you get at common outlets.

I sort of regret not buying another muffin. It is THAT good.


A close-up of my oreo-nutella muffin.

I normally do not talk about the service of the places I review but I have to comment about it in this particular place. The staff were super-friendly, they didn’t mind us studying, and even turned off the fan when my friend was feeling a little cold inside. I think that such warm ambience is not very common these days so it is just something that makes this café stand out.

Definitely recommend this place to anyone, just to chill or study or meet-up with friends, or simply to eat good, affordable food. 🙂

That’s all for now!




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