Food Review #4

Hey guys!!

Okay so, 76 days left to A levels, and my prelims start tomorrow. Yet I choose to blog anyway. Well, I just wanted to share with you all my experience in this café, which by the way, is a GREAT place for studying, legit.

Well, the café is called “Pies & Coffee” and I visited the branch at Rochester Mall because I’ve actually heard that it a really good study spot and I wanted to study.


Like the environment around the café is like very conducive and pleasant tbh. Plus, it is usually quite windy outside even on sunny days, so sitting outside is actually not that bad.


This is the interior of the cafe aka my study table for the day.


Another horribly captured image of the interior of the café. It looks much better irl, I swear. Just that I very lazy adjust the brightness HAHA.

So let’s get on to the food! Btw, just to clear up, the café is halal-certified so yeah, anyone can eat there YAY 🙂


This is the Earl Grey Crème Brûlée ($6.90) that my friend ordered. And it literally is what it is, crème brûlée in a tea form. If you are into desserts and hot drinks, this would be super amazing and worth trying.


This is Pink Grapefruit Lemonade ($6.90) ft my friend’s hand. Okay basically I ordered this drink because it was damn hot and I like the colour pink HAHA. I would say that the drink was refreshing for me. Also, it may look like the amount of drink they give is quite less but it is actually more than you think it is. I would recommend this drink to you guys if you like sour stuff and citrusy flavours!


This is Iced Mocha ($6.80). Actually I can’t really review this because I didn’t try it myself but my friends said it was not bad, so there’s that HAHAHA.


This is the Black Pepper Chicken Rigatoni ($12.90) that my friend ordered. It is basically baked pasta with the black pepper flavouring with chicken. It was not bad, if you are into the whole black pepper flavour, you would definitely like this dish.


(I apologise once again for my horrible photo taking skills.) So I ordered the Black Pepper Chicken Shepherd’s Pie ($10.80). It was actually pretty nice, surprisingly quite filling as well. I would definitely recommend  you guys to try it!

OKAY so that’s it for the food.

Anyways, I would say it is a great study place because usually it is pretty empty, even on Sundays, and the staff here are really very nice. I have never felt so peaceful studying in a café before so yeah, 10/10 recommend this as a study spot.

Address: 35 Rochester Drive, #01-02, Singapore 138639 (nearest MRT: Buona Vista)

The Buona Vista area itself is flooded with cafés so I’m going to go explore and review new cafés if possible ya! So stay tuned, and to all my fellow J2’s out there – best of luck for the A’s 🙂






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