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Food Review #13: Kowloon Express Heyheyhey it has been a while since my food reviews and I have FINALLY decided to use the name of the restaurant as the title for the post! Yeah, it is not particularly exciting news, but I’m just celebrating a change. So last Saturday (yes this is a delayed post […]


Food Review #12

That’s right. Another one. There’s just so much food here, you know? I have officially given up my way to achieving a saree body. I just can’t. Good food is just too precious to sacrifice. #noregrets So anyways, the cafes/eateries I am going to review for this post is located along the Upper Thomson road, […]

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Food Review #11

Hey y’all! This is going to be a special and a super exciting post because this time I’m reviewing not one, not two, but THREE different caf├ęs/restaurants!! WOOHOO stay tuned for loads of foodporn and some seriously good places to indulge (your money) in! 1. Piedra Negra Okay so this is a restaurant that serves […]

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Food Review #10

Hey guys! I’m back with another food review ~ This time it is a little restaurant located in IMM Jurong. In fact, it is actually quite low-key but not really because we took quite a while to find the place but it was actually located at the centre of the mall. This place is called […]

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Why I Like Korean Dramas.

If you asked me 2 years ago whether I watched Korean dramas, my response would have like been something along the lines of “Bro are you okay what the hell are you asking me do I LOOK LIKE SOMEONE WHO’D ENJOY THEM??????!!?!?!!?” Exaggerated, I know. But that was really how I felt two years ago! […]

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Food Review #9

Hey guys! I’m back with yet another food review wooHOO here’s to more good food! But this time slightly lesser photos because firstly, these reviews are seriously overdue and secondly, at that point I didn’t know that I was going to review them. But since I decided to, here we go! 1. Churros Factory (Junction […]

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